About Soycan Group of Companies

Soycan Group of Companies provides services in the fields of Logistics, International Trade, E-commerce, Automotive, Forestry Products, Food & Beverage with a strong activity network incorporating 14 companies in Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, United States and United Kingdom. Soycan Group of Companies runs all its activities in the presence of international certificates of quality and assurance.

Soycan Group of Companies, the foundations of which were laid in 1952, has relied on the principles of honesty and trustworthiness since the day of its incorporation. It carries its multiple-culture structure, which is a reflection of Anatolia’s trade tradition, to the countries of the near geography and to the entire world with an innovative difference. Soycan Group of Companies creates differences with its operation power at site by the successful integration of its subsidiaries and group companies. With its successful flow dynamics that it has created amongst companies, which provide services in international trade and which run independent projects, it makes contribution to multinational trade.

It is generating innovative solutions to the sectors of logistics, international trade, e-commerce, automotive, food and husbandry, to which it provides services and renews itself with each passing day.

Soycan Group of Companies, which, by long years’ of experience and its large operation network, has gained expertize for the integration of the correct products with the most appropriate methods and with the most efficient project management, closely follows-up the innovations of the global trade system and shares it with its customers and shareholders.

Soycan Group of Companies attaches priority to sharing and providing benefits while advancing further and augmenting its knowledge and experience. While it successfully carries its customers and shareholders to trade objectives, it contributes to the strengthening of the regional economy and aims at deeply-rooting within the global economy.