Our Advantages

Adopting a sustainable business model, CAG Logistics adopts the concepts of innovation, reliability and good communication as well and conducts the entire operational process in compliance with the requirements stipulated by the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.

CAG Logistics is an expert in international transportation, project transportation and supply chain management. Having become the common point of international experience thanks to its logistics services it has offered to the local and global customers, CAG Logistics offers more than logistics services for its customers with its knowledge and experience that it has gained in mainly Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Central European and Central Asian markets in years.

Competitive prices and world class service quality in logistics, distribution and transportation are the two values that CAG Logistics promises at the same time. CAG Logistics offers competitive prices for its customers but never compromise from its service quality and conducts all operational processes in compliance with the world standards.

CAG Logistics detects customer needs and offers flexible and reliable solutions for these needs and it aims to provide the best purchasable service by innovating such solutions constantly.

CAG Logistics collaborates with national and regional businesses in addition to large, multinational, retail and manufacturing companies. CAG Logistics meets the new project needs and researches and focuses on developing the project which will meet the need, especially complete transportation (FTL), with full contract project logistics services.

CAG Logistics invests in facilities, equipment and systems, furthermore, in people. The management team supported with the question of “How should be the unique global logistics?” of Soycan Group of Companies is young and motivated, at the same time experienced and manageable. CAG Logistics believes that a good working environment should be provided for personnel at all levels. And accordingly, it provides its team with opportunities for personal development and training in line with the goal of continuous innovation. Comprehensive training programs have a wide range from foreign language education to vocational skills training.

As a leading employer in its sector, CAG Logistics develops social responsibility projects. Having schools constructed for children with special needs and providing scholarships to the successful students, CAG Logistics considers investing in the education of children, the future of society as the investing in the country.

CAG Logistics offers end-to-end supply chain management under a single roof. It designs and manages the service process complying with the need and demand, especially the international and domestic road and rail freight.

CAG Logistics obtained the capacity of carrying 150,000 tons of freight in 2015 in the international rail freight, which started in line with the demands. It offers regular block train transportation services from Dorneşti region on the Romania-Ukraine border to Çorlu/Turkey on a weekly basis over advantageous prices through the official partnership agreements with TCDD, State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, CFR MARFA, the State Railways of the Romania and BDZ, State Railways of Bulgaria. CAG Logistics has reached a freight carrying capacity of 500,000 tons per year today.

With its world class technical infrastructure, CAG Logistics offers service to the global companies as well as local companies in the same quality. With its experience and advanced technical infrastructure in simple supply chain management processes, it offers service to companies operating in different sectors.

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