Frequently Asked Questions

Our experience in transportation dates back to three generations and has been continuing to grow since 1952 uninterruptedly and our service range is expanding each day. We carry out loading for 150,000 tons per year in international rail freight on average and over 10,000 trucks annually in international road freight.

We are a logistics company where you can receive road, rail and open freight shipping services under a single roof. We can answer you in 7 languages from a single center. Especially with the service we provide in railways, we can transport 800 tons and 1000 tons of lots from abroad at prices which can compete with sea freight at the same time. You can ask 1000 tons of goods to be transported with the same freight in order to get the optimum freight on board, instead of purchasing 3000 tons of goods. In this way, we enable you to keep less stock and financing.

As CAG Logistics, we take into consideration the customer requests and goods’ details and enable you to choose the most suitable of road, rail or integrated transportation methods, through the years of knowledge in the logistics sector.

As CAG Logistics, we provide forwarding services, so we do not have a self-owned vehicle. However, we offer our customers the vehicles of any size and feature at competitive prices thanks to our world-wide strong agency network and with 3,000 pallet trucks in line with quality standards and our 450 suppliers.

As CAG Logistics, we are one of the largest logistics service providers of Turkey. We offer logistics and supply chain management services to large multinational manufacturers, retailers, national and regional companies. Our staff training, process management and technological infrastructure are world-class.

We provide shipment and logistics services to Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and more.

We provide service in Road Freight, Rail Freight, Sea Freight, Air Freight, Intermodal Transport, Project Logistics, 4PL Freight and Supply Chain Management. We provide you with ease of procurement for your customs, warehouse and insurance needs through our solution partners.

We offer service for every sector, especially FMCG, automotive, retail, cosmetics, textiles, electronic, iron and steel, forestry products, building materials, construction and health.

As CAG Logistics, we manage the all processes from order placement to delivery transparently and provide regular and accurate information to our customers. In international road freight services, we share the location details of the vehicle which is carrying your load with you regularly on a daily basis. Besides, we are at your service 24/7 and you can reach our operation experts via e-mail and / or phone at any time.

In line with the requests of our customers, we provide the suitable maturity support for the payment conditions. We make short-term payments to our suppliers in line with our financial initiative.

The experience, reliability and quality of CAG Logistics in the international logistics have been certified with independent certifications. As CAG Logistics, we certify its quality in the entire business processes with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System and 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates. Also, we have TİO (Organization Of Transport Works) authorization certificate which applies in international transportations.

You can be sure that CAG Logistics will serve you with the utmost quality and professionalism, regardless of the size of your operation.

No, we do not provide storage services. However, we act as a solution partner in receiving warehouse service in line with your request.

As CAG Logistics, we provide detailed information about customs legislation, legal obligations and other relevant regulations to our customers who want to receive logistics services in import-export operations and we can provide customs services abroad upon request.

As CAG Logistics, we organize 3rd country transportations.

As CAG Logistics, we provide both complete and partial transportation services.

Logistics service is a service which should be provided by professionals and requires auxiliary equipment. One of the most important points to consider when purchasing logistics service is to prefer an honest and reliable company. It is of great importance for persons and / or organizations that want to purchase logistics service to prefer companies which are offering service as fully professional and insured in terms of achieving their commercial targets.

As CAG Logistics, we have Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance (FFL).

Shipping commodity insurance is not provided.

All shipments are covered by carrier liability insurance with ETA. This insurance guarantees the legal liabilities which might be imposed on the carrier as a result of the loss and damage caused by the supplier (ETA) during the transportation undertaken in freight transportation by highway transportation under the specific terms and limitations specified in the policy. This insurance does not guarantee the damages and losses born by the material or loafing such as wrong stowage, packaging, natural disaster, namely, damages and losses not caused by the fault of the supplier. It is necessary to get Shipping Commodity Insurance so that the damages not caused by suppliers can be covered.

We transport your freight by means of appropriate vehicles and equipment through our long years of experience and knowledge in the logistics sector. Since all of your freights are carried under the Shipping Intermediate Liability Insurance, in case of any damage caused on your freight, or loss and theft, the said damage is compensated within the scope of Shipping Intermediate Liability Insurance. As CAG Logistics, we offer all the support we can in order to ensure that you do not experience any kind of problem during this process.

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