CAG Logistics Expands Its Partial Network in Europe

Providing services mainly in Romania and Poland in partial transportation, CAG Logistics has also included Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania and Latvia in its destinations.

CAG Logistics, a member of Soycan Group of Companies operating in the field of logistics and supply chain management with the motto of “On time, at the right place!” since 1952, continues to expand its complete and partial transportation routes. The company, which provides reliable and cost-effective transportation services to its customers with partial transportation mainly on Romanian and Polish routes, is expanding its service network in Europe with new partial ones. Adding Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania and Latvia to its routes, CAG Logistics aims to offer advantageous freight rates to companies exporting to these countries.

CAG Logistics brings its power to more countries with new routes

Yılmaz Soycan, Chairman of Soycan Group of Companies and CAG Logistics, evaluating the new countries to which they will provide partial transportation services, said, “Until now, we have been providing partial transportation services mainly to Romania and Poland. With our new investment, we also started to provide partial transportation services to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania and Latvia, where we carry out complete transportation service. As CAG Logistics, we will prioritize customer satisfaction with our long years of experience, wide service and strong agency network, and experienced staff in our partial transportation (LTL) services as well as in our full truck load (FTL) transportation services. Thus, our contribution to Turkey’s foreign trade volume will increase even more.”

Companies save a lot of time and money with partial transportation.

Noting that the partial transportation service offers the opportunity to reach many parts of the world today, Soycan summarized the advantages as follows: “The biggest advantage of partial transportation for companies is undoubtedly its affordable costs. When pricing, a budget emerges based on the load rather than the entire vehicle. This allows companies with less load to carry out transportation operations at a much more affordable price. Partial transportation not only saves money but also saves time. Transportation times are optimized by making ideal route planning in logistics operations. Thus, it allows the process to be shortened and completed more easily while sending the loads to the desired point. In addition to this, the fact that it can be operated by using different types of transportation such as maritime, airline and road transportation makes this service stand out. In this way, the products sent are delivered to every desired point very quickly and safely.”