CAG Logistics, signed the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)

CAG Logistics WEPs

CAG Logistics, signed Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), which is the joint venture of the UN Global Compact and UN Women

CAG Logistics signed the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles – WEPs which aims to empower women to ensure they are involved in the economic life in all sectors and at all levels and acts as a guidance designed for gender equality practices of the private sector.

CAG Logistics, a member of Soycan Group of Companies operating in the field of logistics and supply chain, signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles established under collaboration of the UN Global Compact and UN Women. Therefore, it is ranked top 10 companies signing the WEPs in the Turkish transportation and logistics sector. In this line, CAG Logistics strictly will adhere to seven principles in the compact and lead for women to take more roles in the society and business life.

“We have just fulfilled another duty for our women and society”

Making statements for the principle signed; Yılmaz Soycan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Soycan Group of Companies and CAG Logistics, stated that they have been taking sustainable steps as a group to develop Turkey in all terms and said: “Considering this consciousness, we pull out all the stops to transform the culture of equal opportunities into a more powerful and permanent structure in our group companies. We conduct our operations with the focus on the thought to contribute to our society to have a more equal and consistent structure and sustainable growth of Turkey in all fields. As we continuously improve our services, we adopt the mission to implement policies on gender equality and corporate gender equality in our fields of operation. In addition to all steps, we have adopted Women’s Empowerment Principles and fulfilled another duty for our women and society. From now on, we will continue our operations to raise awareness on gender equality to ensure women take wider and more effective roles both in social and business life.

“We are so proud and happy for being among top 10 companies signing the WEPs in the sector”

Emphasizing that more than 50 percent of employees of CAG Logistics consist of women and employment and management of women in the field of logistics is especially important, Mr. Soycan added: “According to various reports, women represent less than 20 percent of top management positions in global supply chains, logistics and all other sectors. I believe that this percentage is much lower in Turkey. With this signature, we think it is our responsibility to lead to increase women representation in our sector, which is considered male-dominant, give more women roles in top management and at critical points and ensure equal opportunities and we are so proud and happy for being among top 10 companies signing the WEPs in the Turkish transportation and logistics sector”.

“It is the duty of whole of the logistics sector to support to go beyond the glass ceilings”

Highlighting that corporate culture, management mentality and vision of Soycan Group of Companies has strategies serving as a model to the society, Mr. Soycan said: “We take gender equality and equal opportunities as a principle in participations of all Soycan Gorup of Companies to empower women and women representation in the business life and society. Today, more than 50 percent of our employees consists of women. Having a woman general manager, our company has over 50 percent of women working at top and medium levels. With this understanding, we set an example to our own sector by supporting women to go beyond glass ceilings they face in the fields of logistics, automotive, construction, etc. which are seen as masculine due to their gender. We invite all players to give women a more space in the sector not only for sectoral growth, but also for for a fairer and more consistent world”.

WEPs consists of following articles:

  • Providing an upper-level corporate leadership for gender equality.
  • Treating all women and men fairly in the business life, respecting human rights and non-discrimination principle, supporting these principles.
  • Providing health, safety and welfare of all women and men.
  • Supporting educational, course and professional development opportunities of women.
  • Applying entrepreneurship development, supply chain and marketing methods to empower women.
  • Encouraging equality with social incentives and advocacy activities.
  • Assessing achievements in gender equality and reporting them to the public.