Romania: A new intermodal terminal will open in Oradea

A new intermodal terminal will open in Oradea, which will include three railway lines, loading/unloading platforms, storage areas, parking spaces for trucks, administrative buildings and a service area.

The terminal will also have a dedicated weighing area and will also be equipped with video cameras for continuous surveillance.

Oradea Local Council recently approved the investment plan, which includes the expropriation of 10,500 square meters of land, for which the municipality will pay 744,000 Lei to its owners. Local authorities revised the initial plan, which was estimated at 25m euros, and recalculated the investments of 10m euros to be allocated to the project through the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme.

We have decided to give up the two railway lines and some warehouses and we are not touching the Customs building at the moment. We would like to do this phased intermodal with the 10 million euro we will receive in the first place and we will tender for the works to be done or intermodal works to be done and operated as the financier will allow, and later on Thursday, Mayor Florin Birta said at the Local Council meeting, as quoted by Agerpres. We will decide on its expansion and development.


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