What is a trailer?

If we look at the word  trailer  from the point of view of its etymology, we will see that a semi-trailer has a meaning and that a trailer is a cargo vehicle, at least uniaxial and moving with the help of a “ tractor ”. Also known as a vehicle that transports cargo by transferring part of the load to the axle / axles or axles attached to it, and the remainder is carried by the tractor. For clarity, let us clarify that  semi  – trailers are vehicles that carry part of the cargo, but not all, and a trailer is a vehicle that carries all of the cargo.

Another name for the word “trailer” is “body”. These two names are most commonly used. But the official name is semi –  trailer . The trailer connects to the towing vehicle using two different types of couplers, 2 “and 3.5”, with a flange design called a fifth wheel pin. The tractor is equipped with a special standard stand, to which the fifth wheel pin is attached. The dimensions and dimensions of the trailers, as well as the traffic conditions, are determined by the traffic regulations of the respective country.

Trailer types

Bodies, in other words, trailers are boxes of different models, suitable for different needs. While standard closed body trailers come to mind when it comes to bodywork, there are a variety of curtainsider trailers produced around the world. In addition, there are models of refrigerated trailers and freezers designed for the transport of frozen food and various products. The most famous types of trailers are:

  • Curtain trailer
  • Tilt trailer
  • Lowbed trailer
  • Trailer

Different types of bodies give logistics companies the ability to transport different groups of goods easily and safely. In this way, companies can perform smooth logistics operations by selecting the types of trailers suitable for transporting products in a vehicle.

What is a curtainsider trailer?

Curtainsider trailers are trailers without sidewalls and an upper frame, unlike standard trailers. This type of trailer is preferable for transportation of non-standard cargoes and the height of which does not allow transporting them in a covered trailer.

What is a Lowbed trailer?

The low loader trailer is similar in design to the curtainsider trailer. The difference between them is that with the help of low loader trailers, loads of much higher carrying capacity can be easily transported. The lifting capacity of a low loader trailer depends on the number of axles and wheels.

What is a curtainsider trailer?

Curtainsider trailer systems are trailer systems that allow side loading of goods to be transported in covered trailers. By fully opening the awning, you can load goods from the side of the vehicle.

What is a trailer?

Trailers are usually the name given to classic trailer systems. These are usually transport units that are attached to the rear of the vehicle and are moved by the front vehicle acting as a towing vehicle. The dimensions and capacity of the trailer can also be designed according to the needs and required dimensions.

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